Thursday, April 13, 2006

Your Home is not Your Castle in the People's Republic of Massachusetts

In Boston ==

"A young illegal immigrant who became a cause celebre in Minnesota after secretly living in a high school for weeks has been arrested here on home invasion charges, months after he was supposed to have left the country.


Two weeks ago, police arrested him after finding him with a knife in an apartment in Boston's North End, struggling with the tenant, who was unharmed, The Boston Globe reported Thursday. He remained in Suffolk County Jail facing home invasion charges and eventual deportation. "

From Breitbart via Drudge

Meanwhile, in the suburb of Foxboro==

"Wednesday, Kato wandered to East Street where Frederick Grossmith, 48, lives. He said Kato and his own dog started fighting and, he told police, when he tried to break them up, Kato bit him. He then got his gun and shot Kato in the head"

From WCVB, Channel 5

While shooting the dog seems like a bit much, I wasn't the one that was bitten in my own yard.

Back to the city ==

The part that really frosts me is this:

" A pretrial hearing was set for April 28. The charges against Serrano probably will be reduced to breaking and entering because he has no history of violence and did not hurt the tenant, said David Procopio, spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney. "

The nice folks in the D.A.'s office don't want to charge the nice young man because he is incompetent. Armed home invasion is a big deal. Just because he hasn't done it before doesn't mean he should get off with a warning.


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