Monday, April 03, 2006

A Plan for War: Hit 'em Where They Ain't

Wolfgang Bruno has outlined a plan for Creating the Online Infidel Library.

"Jihadist Muslims are war fetishists. ... You don’t frighten a war fetishist with war, and you don’t scare a death cult with death. Although the use of force will sometimes be necessary to win this fight, it is important to understand that this is not Islam’s weak point. Islam is a warrior creed, a very good one. War, death and mayhem are its home ground. Free speech is ours. We should draw the enemy away from his home ground by teasing his arrogance, lure him out into the open and over to our home ground, where we have the natural advantage."

"During the Muhammad cartoon affair, the Islamic world might as well have worn a gigantic neon sign saying: “We fear freedom of speech above all else. Give us bombs, just don’t send us rational criticism or mockery.” They scream “We love death,” yet cringe like shivering Christmas puddings in front of a few cartoons. If this is what they fear most, then this is where we should push harder."

It's a brilliant article. Read it all


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