Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Patriot's Day

The British are coming!

Here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts we observe Patriot's Day in honor of the start of the Revolutionary. Maine and Wisconsin are the only other states to observe this very Yankee holiday. Like all good Americans, we moved observance to the third Monday in April to make a three day weekend.

Inspired by by Vince Aut Morire I decided to go for a little road trip.

I stopped by the Bedford Public Library to see the original Bedford Flag. The exact age is unknown, but it is well over 250 years old. I also saw the letter giving John Page his commission in the colonial militia. It was a form used by the governor's office with blank space for Name & Rank ___, Unit & Commanding Officer ___ On This Day ___________ of 173__.

An army marched on its paperwork, even back then.

Photography of the preserved original is prohibited so I got a shot of the town flag in front of Town Hall.

From there it was a just a few miles to the Old North Bridge battlefield.

It was at the Old North Bridge that the colonials turned back the British Army. The first shots were fired at Lexington, but we got beaten soundly.

Several British companies were in the town of Concord burning stores of gunpowder while three companies held this bridge.

After getting pushed back over the bridge, the British were shadowed all the way back to Charlestown, suffering casualties along the route.

These were men willing sacrifice their lives for their freedom at a time when their government held them in low regard.


More mediocre photos of grand things


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