Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Patriot's Day

The British are coming!

Here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts we observe Patriot's Day in honor of the start of the Revolutionary. Maine and Wisconsin are the only other states to observe this very Yankee holiday. Like all good Americans, we moved observance to the third Monday in April to make a three day weekend.

Inspired by by Vince Aut Morire I decided to go for a little road trip.

I stopped by the Bedford Public Library to see the original Bedford Flag. The exact age is unknown, but it is well over 250 years old. I also saw the letter giving John Page his commission in the colonial militia. It was a form used by the governor's office with blank space for Name & Rank ___, Unit & Commanding Officer ___ On This Day ___________ of 173__.

An army marched on its paperwork, even back then.

Photography of the preserved original is prohibited so I got a shot of the town flag in front of Town Hall.

From there it was a just a few miles to the Old North Bridge battlefield.

It was at the Old North Bridge that the colonials turned back the British Army. The first shots were fired at Lexington, but we got beaten soundly.

Several British companies were in the town of Concord burning stores of gunpowder while three companies held this bridge.

After getting pushed back over the bridge, the British were shadowed all the way back to Charlestown, suffering casualties along the route.

These were men willing sacrifice their lives for their freedom at a time when their government held them in low regard.


More mediocre photos of grand things

Alright, That Does It!

I'm adding the Gates of Vienna to my links. In the past two days they have published two major article by Fjordman.

  • Yesterday: The Retreat of the Western World Order

  • Today: The Fall of France and the Multicultural War

  • I hope their server can handle the increased load.

    Looking For Humor in the Muslim World

    Albert Brooks: Culture Warrior

    Funnyman Albert Brooks plays a comedian sent by the U.S. State Department to India and Pakistan to find out exactly what makes Muslims laugh -- all with an eye toward helping everyone to get along better in the post-Sept. 11 world. Directed and written by Brooks, this smart, thoughtful and, yes, funny film essentially bypasses religion, instead focusing on where people find humor, regardless of culture or beliefs.

    Mrs. fluffy (one of three humans to read this blog) and I rent movies through NetFlix. I'm sure you are familiar with the process. I decided to add this particular movie, Looking For Humor in the Muslim World, to our queue. I searched, found the title, then encountered "Save", rather than "Add".

    Q: Why do some titles have a Save button instead of an Add button?

    A: For titles that haven't been released on DVD yet or for which the release date is unknown, we offer the option to save them in the "Saved" section of your Queue.

    My search for humor in the Muslim world was fruitless. I hear that is a common experience.

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Opium is Religion of the Communists

    One of the great things about the web is taking an interesting wrong turn. If one desires to learn about RSS, what better place than RSS dot Org?

    If you think violence was the only thing Naxalites are known for, visit Jharkhand to see "farmers" in comrades. Not wheat or rice, they cultivate opium.

    Naxalites are Indian communists. Jharkhand is a state in eastern India, recently formed in 2000.

    The Naxalite-infested areas of Jharkhand are underdeveloped. Whatever the government's claim might be, the fact remains that there are no roads, no bridges and no schools in the interior parts of the state.

    Usually, the Naxalites demand from a contractor 30 per cent of the total amount sanctioned to him by the government for construction of roads, dams, buildings and bridges.

    These Naxalites learn fast. All you have to do is obtain some firearms and proclaim yourselves as 'liberators'.

    This had been the major source of income for the rebels ever since Jharkhand was carved out of Bihar in 2000 and there was a boom in the construction industry. Besides, the contractors also have to "please" government officials for granting them the contract.

    With the construction business fast turning out to be non- profitable, the contractors recently started looking for other options, forcing the Naxalites to think of something more than just charging levy. In fact, there were instances when the contractors refused to take up work in Naxalite-infested areas as they had to cough up a major part of their income for nothing.

    Imagine that, they over-taxed the contractors, who packed up and went away. In these here parts there is an old story about killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

    But the involvement of Naxalites in opium farming was proved when a Chatra-based journalist with a vernacular daily, who had come out with a story on opium farming in his newspaper, had to appear in a kangaroo court (jan adalat) of the Maoists to ask for forgiveness. This journalist had to assure the Maoists that he would never (and never) come out with a report on opium farming.

    These Naxalites sound an awful lot like Massachusetts Democrats. Do they need reinforcements? We could find some 'volunteers' on Beacon Hill. Exotic vacation anyone?

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    Bumper Sticker in seen in Moonbatland:

    The Last Time We Mixed Politics and Religion

    People were burned at the stake.

    I couldn't help but wonder what Rev Martin Luther King would have said about that. I wasn't aware that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference was so radical. This wikipedia article seems mostly historical in nature. The SCLC's website is probably more current.

    The Moscow Pig Olympics

    Resist this!

    Stolen directly from littlegreenfootballs

    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Your Home is not Your Castle in the People's Republic of Massachusetts

    In Boston ==

    "A young illegal immigrant who became a cause celebre in Minnesota after secretly living in a high school for weeks has been arrested here on home invasion charges, months after he was supposed to have left the country.


    Two weeks ago, police arrested him after finding him with a knife in an apartment in Boston's North End, struggling with the tenant, who was unharmed, The Boston Globe reported Thursday. He remained in Suffolk County Jail facing home invasion charges and eventual deportation. "

    From Breitbart via Drudge

    Meanwhile, in the suburb of Foxboro==

    "Wednesday, Kato wandered to East Street where Frederick Grossmith, 48, lives. He said Kato and his own dog started fighting and, he told police, when he tried to break them up, Kato bit him. He then got his gun and shot Kato in the head"

    From WCVB, Channel 5

    While shooting the dog seems like a bit much, I wasn't the one that was bitten in my own yard.

    Back to the city ==

    The part that really frosts me is this:

    " A pretrial hearing was set for April 28. The charges against Serrano probably will be reduced to breaking and entering because he has no history of violence and did not hurt the tenant, said David Procopio, spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney. "

    The nice folks in the D.A.'s office don't want to charge the nice young man because he is incompetent. Armed home invasion is a big deal. Just because he hasn't done it before doesn't mean he should get off with a warning.

    Unusual Duets

    Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach are a pretty odd couple, but Mrs. fluffy has the CD. She's a big Elvis fan.

    How about Lionel Ritchie and Moamer Kadhafi? Yes, the man who can't be misspelled is hosting a party celebrating the anniversary of the U.S Air Force crossing the line of death. Jim Croce could have warned the Colonel about tugging on Superman's cape.

    "Veteran US soul singer Lionel Ritchie and Spanish tenor Jose Carreras are among the acts that Libya says will be performing in the capital in the early hours of Saturday, exactly 20 years after US warplanes flying out of British bases hit their targets, killing at least 40 people."

    Now if it was Tom Waits & Whitney Houston, I would camp on the sidewalk.

    From Middle East Online via littlegreenfootballs

    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Three Words

    ...read the message

    It ain't Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five.

    Awake yet?

    Hat tip to Darth Misha

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Danes pursue dialogue

    Turkish newspaperZaman notes in their English edition that the Danes are 'seeking forgiveness'.

    "Danish state channel DR2 employed a Muslim woman that practices wearing the headscarf to present a TV program in the frame of "respect towards different thoughts and beliefs." Palestinian-origin Asmaa Abdulhamid, in the eight-week program, will host a different guest every week together with Danish journalist Adam Holm and ask questions in accordance with her beliefs.

    DR2 explained the basic goal of the program "Adam and Asmaa" is "respecting different thoughts" and said the cartoon crisis openly displayed the importance of dialogue and tolerance between the East and the West."

    If you speak Danish you can get it from DR2 at their own website. I don't speak Danish, myself, but I did deduce that 'og' means 'and'. I shall reward my own cleverness with a slice of havarti.

    Thanks to DB, the Swiftian at Sweetness & Light

    Monday, April 03, 2006

    A Plan for War: Hit 'em Where They Ain't

    Wolfgang Bruno has outlined a plan for Creating the Online Infidel Library.

    "Jihadist Muslims are war fetishists. ... You don’t frighten a war fetishist with war, and you don’t scare a death cult with death. Although the use of force will sometimes be necessary to win this fight, it is important to understand that this is not Islam’s weak point. Islam is a warrior creed, a very good one. War, death and mayhem are its home ground. Free speech is ours. We should draw the enemy away from his home ground by teasing his arrogance, lure him out into the open and over to our home ground, where we have the natural advantage."

    "During the Muhammad cartoon affair, the Islamic world might as well have worn a gigantic neon sign saying: “We fear freedom of speech above all else. Give us bombs, just don’t send us rational criticism or mockery.” They scream “We love death,” yet cringe like shivering Christmas puddings in front of a few cartoons. If this is what they fear most, then this is where we should push harder."

    It's a brilliant article. Read it all