Sunday, March 26, 2006

Female Afghan Parliamentarian Speaks at Yale

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The full article

"Female Afghan parliamentarian Malalai Joya criticized current U.S. policy in Afghanistan, as well as the presence of former Taliban spokesman and foreign ministry official Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi as a special non-degree student at Yale, both during and after her speech, "Women's Rights, Warlords, and the U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan" on Thursday night."

Joya said there has been no fundamental change in democratization and women's rights in Afghanistan since the defeat of the Taliban in 2001. She criticized the U.S. government for pursuing its own strategic interests in the region while supporting fundamentalist warlords who make Afghanistan "a hell for its people." "

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan takes a similar stance. I disagree, but I do admire their courage. Kabul and Wellesley are worlds apart. I don't think there were many Female MPs during the Taliban, but they do have a ways to go concerning freedom of religion.

Update: Yale's Hypocrisy Festers

I met one of those students at the reception. Makai Rohbar, an Afghan student whose family legally immigrated to New Haven in 2002, served as Ms. Joya's translator for the evening. After Ms. Joya's speech, I asked Ms. Rohbar what she was studying. She told me she was taking classes in chemistry and biophysics in the hope of someday becoming a physician. I then inquired how long she had been at Yale. She blushed. "I don't go here," she said. "I attend classes at Gateway Community College," also in New Haven. She had never imagined that she could be accepted into Yale or ever find a way to pay for it."

Read the whole article at OpinionJournal
Ms. Rohbar's story is in the second section.

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