Monday, March 27, 2006

AP = Admitting Plagiarizing?

The title is not my original work, but I shall give credit where credit is due.

"Unfortunately this is far too common and has happened to me and to other writers and bloggers far too frequently. This time, however, we made a point of tape recording the AP apparatchiks admitting to taking our work and using it without attribution, stating "we do not credit blogs". "

I'm shocked like Claude Rains.

Read all about it here

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Female Afghan Parliamentarian Speaks at Yale

Hat tip to The Anti Idiotarian Rottweiller

The full article

"Female Afghan parliamentarian Malalai Joya criticized current U.S. policy in Afghanistan, as well as the presence of former Taliban spokesman and foreign ministry official Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi as a special non-degree student at Yale, both during and after her speech, "Women's Rights, Warlords, and the U.S. Occupation of Afghanistan" on Thursday night."

Joya said there has been no fundamental change in democratization and women's rights in Afghanistan since the defeat of the Taliban in 2001. She criticized the U.S. government for pursuing its own strategic interests in the region while supporting fundamentalist warlords who make Afghanistan "a hell for its people." "

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan takes a similar stance. I disagree, but I do admire their courage. Kabul and Wellesley are worlds apart. I don't think there were many Female MPs during the Taliban, but they do have a ways to go concerning freedom of religion.

Update: Yale's Hypocrisy Festers

I met one of those students at the reception. Makai Rohbar, an Afghan student whose family legally immigrated to New Haven in 2002, served as Ms. Joya's translator for the evening. After Ms. Joya's speech, I asked Ms. Rohbar what she was studying. She told me she was taking classes in chemistry and biophysics in the hope of someday becoming a physician. I then inquired how long she had been at Yale. She blushed. "I don't go here," she said. "I attend classes at Gateway Community College," also in New Haven. She had never imagined that she could be accepted into Yale or ever find a way to pay for it."

Read the whole article at OpinionJournal
Ms. Rohbar's story is in the second section.

Thanks to little green footballs

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Church of Wales surrenders the flock

Mmm! Fresh mutton!

The Church of Wales' Welsh language magazine contained one the the cartoons that made the rounds after peace broke out. It was not one of the Danish dozen, but it was commenting on the mayhem.

"The drawing - which was from the French magazine France Soir - shows the Prophet Muhammad sitting on a heavenly cloud with Buddha, and Christian and Jewish deities.
He is being told 'don't complain... we've all been caricatured here'. "

The Archbishop gagged on his tea when he saw the drawing.

"I've unreservedly apologised to my Muslim colleagues and they've been very gracious and I've said to them this in no way reflects the policy or attitude in the Church in Wales." -- The Archbishop of Wales, Dr. Barry Morgan

There was no indication of local Muslim outrage. Apparently he surrendured without a shot.

Dr. Morgan: You have no Muslim colleagues. None. Zero. Muslim are not part of the church. Your responsibility is the church, not the outside world.

A bishop is a shepherd. The staff you are neglecting is not just for guiding the flock. It is also a weapon for the protection of the flock. When the wolves come prowling around you don't take pity on the poor, hungry cubs and send them off with a lamb or two. You bop the wolf on the head to show that you mean business.

Your shepherds are asleep, O king of Assyria; your nobles slumber. Your people are scattered on the mountains with none to gather them. -- Nahum 3:18

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Open Letter to Yale

I sent this to Yale's Office of Public Affairs

To whom it may concern:

Abdul Rahman is an Afghani man in danger of his life. He committed the capital crime of converting from Islam to Christianity. He has been given the option of renouncing his chosen faith or dying. He is a prisoner of conscience.

Link to Chicago Tribune story

Yale University has recently shown interest in the progressive reform of Afghanistan by accepting Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi as a student. Perhaps an internationally respected institution like Yale could offer a compromise solution.

While Mr. Rahman may be smoke in the nose of many presently in power in Afghanistan, he would certainly be welcome in the United States. I am requesting that Yale University intervene on his behalf in any way possible.

Thank you

(fluffy's 3-D name)

Christianity is a Crime in Afghanistan

If I were really clever this would show up as a trackback, but cut 'n' paste still works.

The Shadow of The Olive Tree Advocates for Yale to give Abdul Rahman a scholarship.

The man exercised his free will, harming no one.

Michelle Malkin also has a wealth of information. You did read her blog today, didn't you?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another proud Danish-American enters the fray!

The world has gone insane. Hunter S Thompson should have hung in there for another year. The weird are turning pro in record numbers. Lunatics are burning embassies in the name of peace. I fight back buying eating havarti and buying a T-shirt with a flag on it. The shirt has writing I can't understand and pictures the flag of a nation that some of my ancestors preffered to leave.

Indeed, the weird are turning pro. Where do I sign up?